Plasmidomics is an open source program for easy drawing of plasmids and vector maps with high-quality graphics export.

Plasmidomics is based on Python (version 2), which is freely available for different platforms (Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac, etc. ).

Graphics export

  • Built in: Encapsulated Postscript export (*.eps)
  • Conversion to *.pdf eg. by epstopdf
  • For other formats, use ImageMagick

Above image was created by Plasmidomics. The Postscript was converted to *.png by ImageMagick.

Click here to see the *pdf of this plasmid (1.8 kb for really good resolution!).

General installation

 Screenshot of Plasmidomics 0.2

Installation on Debian/ Ubuntu/ derived linuxes

Plasmidomics is part of the official Debian/ Ubuntu based distributions (installation: 'apt install plasmidomics', run 'plasmid').

Windows/ Mac

There are no binaries for Windows or Mac (yet). You can run it as Python program! Or you can try to convince me (or another computer friend) to compile a binary ;-).

License (open source)



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