Online calculator for exact molecular weight and isotopic distribution.


Meta Database chemical structures.

Ciencia viva pack

Sample data for course work.


Free Java-based mass spectrometry data viewer for various formats

Mass Spectrometry Blog

A Web log of mass spectrometry Web sites, discussion groups, mailing lists and other links and items of interest to the mass spectrometry community.

Matrix Science - Mascot PMF

Online Peptide Mass Fingerprint search.

Platforms, pipelines and libraries for mass spectrometry.

Sociedad Mexicana de Proteómica

Mexican Proteomics Society.

Spectra Viewer (Medusa)

Free Java based viewer for MALDI-ToF and LC-MS/MS data.

XCMS Online

Cloud-based metabolomic data processing platform.

Here you can enter the official labABI page:

Welcome to the Supplemental Page of labABI, the Laboratory of Biochemical and Instrumental Analysis at the CINVESTAV Unidad Irapuato, Mexico!

Whereas our official labABI page provides information about the research group in English and Spanish, here you find additional information and services.

Video clip about our lab (Spanish/ Español)

produced by Investigación y Desarrollo

What is mass spectrometry and how does it work

by josh tocool


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